Thursday, November 3, 2011

Voting on a Book and a Giveaway!!

Lots of posts today, I know. But it was my day to participate on Emlyn Chand's Blog Tour and it was also Thursday which means Blogs To Talk About :D

And for this post, I wanted to put a poll up and reinterpret about my first ever giveaway. If you guys are down for that, of course. :P

I would like you guys to take a vote on what book I should read next. I will give you guys 2 weeks to vote and whatever book wins I will read. Then I will start the giveaway. Which will last until December 10. The giveaway will be whatever book won the poll. There will be 1 winner, unless I reach 65 followers then there will be 2 winners and if I reach 100 followers then those 2 winners will get the book that won the vote and the runner up.

How does that sound? Let's start the voting!! I will have a poll on the left sidebar!
xo stephanie

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